Fulda Challenge 2007

Zdję­cia z zawo­dów Ful­da Chal­len­ge 2007 roze­gra­nych w stycz­niu 2007 w Yukon Ter­ri­to­ry, Kanada

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Hey !!
Ver­ry nice pictures !
The­re is a fun­ny pic­tu­re of simon and me on distruc­tion bay – befo­re begin­ning hower­craft ;-))).…. Gre­at pho­tos from the land­sca­pe too !!
Gre­atings Geli

You can sure tell what your pre­fer­red events were! Ane whe­re did that snow machi­ne come from? All I saw was red & black. I spent part of the day today put­ting toge­ther the sto­ry­bo­ard for websi­te design options for our client. Che­ers, Jay

Hi Kuba – You must have pre­fer­red the snow machi­nes and mushing. Whe­re did the blue machi­ne come from?!! Che­ers, Jay

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